DEAL DOUBLE - Bubble Tea Cut End Eco Paper Spoon Straw RAINBOW Mix

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BUBBLE TEA sharp end - an eco solution for bubble tea shops and slushies instead of plastic alternative.  Works to cut through films but also can be a spoon due to its super smooth strong end

2 BOXES of the RAINBOW.. a magical mix of 7 exclusive colours .. fun and vibrant like teas and slushies.   Perfect for trade and shops with over 20% off


    • BUBBLE TEA - 12mm x 220mm CUT END
    • 3 ply heavy weight sustainable paper
    • Home Compostable, Recycle as Paper, Biodegradable


    • 2 x BOX of 125 = 250 Straws


    Made in Britain - premium quality eco TIPI Paper Straws, made exclusively by and for us.  

    NOT ALL PAPER STRAWS ARE CREATED EQUAL...  ours are thicker, certified sustainable, tested to high industry standards which we helped set.  They won't go soggy in your drink, meaning you have a super #siptastic experience!  We have been doing this for over 10 years which is why our straws are simply the best.