DEAL MIX No 3 CASE - FAT & SLURP Paper Straws - Plain Black

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DEAL MIX No 3 - a special quick buy mix for your SHOP, BAR or EVENT for thicker drinks

For those with bigger drinks 4 BOXES of EACH STYLE = 1 CASE of mixed paper straws - perfect for a bar or restaurant


    • 4 x Box FAT - 210 = 840 straws
    • 4 x Box SUPER SLURP - 180 = 720 straws


    • SUPER SLURP 10mm x 230mm Longer Thicker Smoothies
    • FAT 8mm x 200mm Perfect for shake
    • 3 ply heavy weight sustainable paper
    • Home Compostable, Recycle as Paper, Biodegradable


      Made in Britain - premium quality eco TIPI Paper Straws, made exclusively by and for us.  

      NOT ALL PAPER STRAWS ARE CREATED EQUAL...  ours are thicker, certified sustainable, tested to high industry standards which we helped set.  They won't go soggy in your drink, meaning you have a super #siptastic experience!  We have been doing this for over 10 years which is why our straws are simply the best.