Fat Long Striped Milkshake Paper Straws - Emerald Green

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Fat Long Striped Paper Straws.. the original paper straw design but super sized for Milk Shakes and Smoothies

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  • 8mm x 23cm
  • pack of 25

    Why Tipi?..  like their namesake ancient nomadic dwellings, they are simple, functional, beautiful, can be taken anywhere and #leavenotrace

    We reintroduced Paper Straws to Europe over 10 years ago and were the first to create an array of rainbow stripes, prints and metallics inspiring eco parties everywhere. We now have the very first collection of British Paper Straws, made with the highest quality sustainably sourced paper.  

    NOT ALL PAPER STRAWS ARE CREATED EQUAL...  ours are thicker, sustainable, tested to high industry standards which we helped set.  They won't go soggy in your drink, meaning you have a super #siptastic experience!  We have been doing this for over 10 years which is why our straws are simply the best.