"Why TIPI?

 .. like their namesake ancient nomadic dwellings, our straws are simple, beautiful, functional, can be taken anywhere and #leavenotrace."

For over 10 years, the team behind TIPI STRAWS have been pioneers in the paper straw world. Created by a team of multi award winning designers and eco packaging specialists, these are no ordinary sips, in fact we THINK THEY ARE THE BEST ! 
TIPI straws are 20-30% heavier than other straws on the market.  They are constructed to industry setting standards and are 100% BIODEGRADABLE & made from certified sustainable paper sources twisted to perfection and packaged to make something recyclable that will disappear back into the earth within a few weeks. Be assured that no surf, turf or turtles will be harmed in the process of enjoying these delights. 
As for the name TiPi.. like their namesake ancient nomadic dwellings, our straws are simple, beautiful, functional, can be taken anywhere and #leavenotrace.
We are a UK company who have consistently worked with eco credentials in mind. Our products are all ethically sourced and our straws have excellent credentials and unlike other cheaper brands ours do not collapse after a few minutes in your drink! They are made to last 8 hours but compost or marine degrade in less than 3 months. We believe we offer the best paper straws and bio degradable alternatives in the UK.


  • COMMUNITY DISCOUNTS - we support #plasticfree initiatives
  • CHOICE OF PACKS - From 25 to Full Pallets
  • VOLUME DISCOUNT - The more you buy the better the price
  • FACTORY DIRECT - our price is your price


  • Over 65 Colours, 50 Designs and 20 Sizes
  • FIRST IN UK & EUROPE (Est 2008)
  • INNOVATORS New Product Development


  • The first British Brand of Paper Straws

  • QUALITY - Heavier Premium 3 Ply
  • SUSTAINABLE - Certified Premium Paper 

  • BIODEGRADABLE naturally.. it's paper

  • LOCAL made in the UK

  • GLOBAL units around the world

Join the #TIPITRIBE..  We are the first British Brand of straws - we are working on support material to support your business switch to paper - which we will send out with all our Carton and Box deliveries.  

Become a #TIPIWARRIOR - we are supporting ECO Charities and are seeking ambassadors for our straws and to promote our Charity packs  

We offer bespoke manufacturing and wrapping subject to miniumums - why not ask the team


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