"From Small Packs to Pallets.. and sizes from Classics to Super Slurps.. we have your paper straw needs covered"



Retail Packs are our smallest pack of straws.  We hold them in stock in packs of 25+.  We have the most options of patterns and prints in these in our CLASSIC size.  We also have multi pack discounts, plus offer them as WHOLESALE. Our new wholesale packs are due later in 2019.


Bulk Boxes are for "big do's" or if you want to make the switch for your small business to Paper.  They are great value but are in a limited number of styles and colours.. depending on what we have in stock.  We also offer specials on our DEAL PAGE.


There are between 8 - 32 Bulk Boxes of straws in our Cartons. These are great value for bigger establishments or distributors who only want a few. 

Buy 4+ for further discount, ask the team if your style is not online.


There are between 20 and 80 cases on a UK Pallet.  These are super deals for straws..  They are generally not available to buy online - but you can contact the team for a quote. 

We can ship internationally and offer further discount for regular orders.


From 6mm to 12mm we have the biggest and best selection of Paper Straw sizes on the planet.  Our team have constantly innovated and continue to work with world class brands on design solutions, as well as offering new things to our customers (big and small) all the time.

We want you to make the switch to paper and .. and our TIPI TRIBE.  So ask the team if there is something we can do to help.


We offer a huge range of colours in our collection - the key rainbow is offered in the CLASSIC along with patterns and metallics.  We do not offer the patterns and metallics in BULK Box options.  Key colours are the PLAIN straws and Rainbow Stripes.  We can of course make to order or your own colour but this is subject to minimums.  We also offer individual wrapping services.  We are also at the forefront of innvation and have a wealth of knowledge as well as constantly working on customer solutions.


Still not answered your questions ?  See below or please feel free to contact the team

Where do you make your straws?

  • The straws are made and warehoused within a 50 mile radius of our farm.  We also have units for international operations in the Far East and United States with others in the pipeline.

What are your Eco Credentials?

  • Certified sustainable premium paper
  • EU and FDA Food Hygiene standards
  • ISO9001 Quality Standards
  • Biodegradable / Compostable naturally
  • See our ECO page for more detailed information
  • PLEASE DO NOT LITTER STRAWS.. ensure they are composted if you can for the healthiest route back to the Earth.

What Sizes do you do?

  • We offer the biggest selection of sizes in the UK (and we think the world!) we have over 10 years knowledge and experience and set the modern standard sizes
  • We can make bespoke sizes too (subject to minimums)
  • Our most popular sizes are our CLASSIC and BAR straw .. closely followed by our FAT straw
  • Why not see our SIZE GUIDE section or ask the team for something specific

Can you Wrap Straws?

  • YES!  We can wrap in PAPER for a minimum order 
  • We also wrap in an exclusive plant based films for clients who need a solution for cartons in wet packing environments