“We helped set the modern standard on eco Paper Straws.. Rest Assured We Have Your Back”


"Small ripples of change.. making waves of difference"

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We believe that every small change can make the world of difference..  there are currently over 8 billion plastic straws strewn across our planet and by 2050, if we do nothing, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans!

Join our campaign and covert your business joining the #tipitribe.  We will support you with the best paper straws and other marketing materials to help promote your message.


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Rest Assured We Have Your Back

  • It’s vital to us that as well as being gorgeous that our paper straws deliver green results.  
  • Our straws and all elements are compostable, biodegradable and marine friendly.  Recyclable naturally. 
  • The paper is certified as sustainably sourced.
  • Our packaging is recyclable.
  • We don't pack in plastic, we use wood pulp Cello and paper or card. 
  • The inks are water based. 
  • We are mindful of improvements we can make and strive to work on them.  

Who We Are

We live on a small organic small holding who are aspiring to permaculture principles, protecting and feeding our soil. 
We believe that every little change helps, each is a positive step to looking after our planet. 
We also believe in the joy of life's little pleasures and we have endeavoured to marry these 2 joys in our company principles. 
We cannot deny that NO STRAW is the best policy, limiting any waste at all is without doubt the best policy. But whilst there are still plastics being made we are offering an eco and pretty alternative to this. 
We have worked in partnership with 2 factories since the beginning of our straw journey in 2008 and from when the first paper straws came to market in 2009. 
We work to international ethical standards 
We are mindful of improvements we can make and strive to work on them. 
We are keen to promote the #noplasticstraws message.