NEWS: Worlds First Super Bendy Paper Straw (Patent Pending)

Offering super flexibility and durability across multiple sizes, with the eco credentials of premium paper straws. The TIPI SUPER BENDY™ is a world first in its’ class with patent pending technology and registered designs, which are production ready to meet multiple market demands. 

TIPI have created a product which can readily replace many plastic alternatives, which until now was not possible. This small Welsh design company is once again leading the way in eco technical developments.

So what makes it so special?

Paper Straws by their nature are built to both compost naturally (like paper), yet remain durable enough to perform in liquid whilst the consumer is sipping their drinks. The process of manufacture makes the straws as sturdy as possible, our premium quality straws are not made or meant to bend.


The new TIPI SUPER BENDY™, allows multi directional bend and recovery with no reduction in functionality. The TIPI SUPER BENDY™ can bend OVER 180 degrees… our patent pending technology delivers incredible movement in rigid paper, which allows the straw to be both durable and flexible at the same time.

Founder Jacqui Horton says:

“Our new technology will enable quick and affordable replacements for many plastic counterparts, which until now was not possible. This includes the billions of single use carton straws manufactured every year for the on-the-go food market, as well as areas like the care market, where patients need a bendable straw to consume food and liquids in different diameters.”

With patent pending technology and design, our shape and technique is the first of its’ kind in production.  

All products are available for licensing or sale and new items are production ready delivering from Summer 2019. 

RELEASE MAY 2019 (confidential until July)

Press Releases and Photography available from the PRESS DESK or contact the team for further information 

SUPER BENDY™ is a trademark of TIPI