NEWS: Worlds First STROON™ Paper Straw Spoon

We would like to introduce you to another of our world first innovations…


Developed to fulfil the needs of the Slushie and Iced Drinks market, the TIPI STROON - part Straw, part Spoon, has a design registered special cut end, which can easily replace plastic alternatives. It delivers a fabulous consumer experience alongside the durability, style and quality for which TIPI are known.

TIPI have devised a new tech 4 ply construction (standard straws are 3) forming a sturdy heavier weight straw from which our design registered spoon end is cut. This combination ensures that the shaped end is not compromised during use.

Our technology also offers the option to change the size of the spoon cut to allow different straw and tube diameters. We have created a collection of STROON™ straws with bore sizes from 6mm to over 12mm diameter, offering multiple innovative uses for consumer markets from cartons to smoothies and creamy super slurps! The Paper can be printed with food grade inks in our usual rainbow of colours and patterns or your own branding.

Creating a large bore (diameter) straw from paper, and cutting the end without unravelling, whilst retaining strength and durability, were the key challenges facing the TIPI team. 

Founder Jacqui Horton says:

"TIPI are proud to announce another world first from our small but innovative team.  The experience we hold in this market continues to give us technical advantages, to enable quick development and supply of alternatives to plastic"

Our TIPI STROON shape and technique is the first of its’ kind in production.  
The TIPI team collaborated with UK and EU Iced Drink Distributors over the past year to ensure that we created the optimum straw for the market. 

The TIPI STROON is available for bulk orders from Spring / Summer 2019. UK production will commence in 2019.


STROON® is a Trademark of TIPI

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