NEWS: World's First BUBBLE TEA Eco Paper Straw


We would like to introduce you to another of our world first innovations…


Developed to fulfil the needs of the growing Bubble Tea (Boba Tea) market, we have created the world’s first large diameter paper straw with a sharp end to directly replace its’ plastic alternatives.

Creating a large bore (diameter) straw from paper, whilst retaining strength and durability were the challenges facing the TIPI team.  Using knowledge gleaned from over 10 years making Paper Straws we have created a technique and design which includes 2 versions of sharp ends for piercing lids on Bubble Tea cups.

Our TIPI BUBBLE TEA™ shape and technique is the first of its’ kind in production in the world.  

TIPI Founder Jacqui Horton says:

“The spiralling technique to make food grade paper straws is more complicated than it seems, we had to solve a number of production issues to create a straw with both a large diameter and sharp end required to pierce films and are delighted with the results”

The TIPI team collaborated with UK premium Bubble Tea Distributors like BOBA TEA UK to ensure that they created the optimum straw for the market.  Consumer tests were conducted on a variety of the Boba companies in-house teas to ensure durability over several hours of testing.

Bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, or boba) is a quickly growing market across the world. Originally from Taiwan it is made from a tea or fruit based drink, then dressed with tapioca or fruit balls “bubbles” which sink to the bottom. It requires a super large diameter straw to allow the balls to be sucked up and eaten as part of the drink.

The Bubble Tea with both a straight and sharp end cut is available online at TIPISTRAWS.COM from November 2018.

Interested parties can contact the team 

PRESS RELEASE: September 2018