Plastic Is Not Fantastic

Plastics in our oceans are the biggest threat to our planet and its growing at an alarming rate.  The more you read about this, the more horrific the reality becomes.

You may think "what can I do?"  the answer is simple, each small step can make a massive difference.  If everybody starts to turn the tide, then we can start to stem the problem and start to do something positive about the damage being done to our eco systems.

The plastic does not compost, it is not going anywhere.  Whatever we make stays here on planet Earth.

We can simply SAY NO TO SINGLE USE PLASTIC ..  our Paper Straws are made from certified sustainable paper and are 100% compostable.  If you need a straw, choose paper.  If not, just say no.

In addition why not share these facts about plastic in our oceans and spread a message to help turn the tide

  • There is a Plastic wasteland island floating in the Pacific 3 x the size of France
  • Plastics act as a toxic sponge for man made chemicals - upsetting the whole eco system
  • One truck (8 tonnes) of plastic is dumped into the sea every minutes
  • 8 million items are dumped in per day
  • 5000 items of plastic pollution can be found per mile of British Coastline
  • 250 plastic one use bottles per mile of our coastline are the worst offenders in the UK
  • By 2050 we could have more weight of plastic in the sea than fish unless we choose to stop the use of single use plastic!

If you are a company and want to make the change to paper then we can help with our bulk and wholesale paper straws.  Just ask the team.

Source:  Ellen MacArthur Foundation research.  Their information on a "circular" approach to life and commerce is inspirational